Why Valusys

Expert support and world-class customer service.

Organisations of all sizes have come to rely heavily on the installation and use of IT equipment. However with so many suppliers, consultancies, and integrators available, those same organisations have many choices when it comes to relying on a partner they trust to deliver the levels of service they deserve. At Valusys we offer a number of services and our portfolio of solutions covers your whole network infrastructure.

As well as assisting you on project work we have built the foundation of our business on servicing our customers day to day needs. We like to think of ourselves as a valuable asset and dependable source of assistance.

We have built our business on the following core fundamentals:

Account Management

Each account manager has extensive experience in dealing with companies with both daily and project requirements. We take the hassle out of searching for obscure parts and do not simply reply to emails or process orders. We believe in working for your business and subsequently your trust. We operate a dual account management team so there is always someone available that knows your account and how you like to work.


No one is perfect, however we try to come real close. We have invested heavily in systems that make the job processing your requests that much easier and we only choose to work with channel partners that echo our customer service ethos. Whether you have specified a new network or a USB cable we will be as attentive as we can to ensure that you receive your goods when you need them.

Proven Partnerships

We have aligned ourselves with all leading manufacturers and distributors that include HP, Dell, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco and more. These are market leaders and we invested time and resource to understand their products. This enables us to offer advice on what is best suited for your environment.

Excellent Customer Service

We do not pass you from pillar to post if things go wrong. Your main points of contact will handle all paper work and any returns shall be overseen by your account manager.


Installations, pre-configuration and presales design are just some of the services we can supply. Imaging PC’s, installing software, or testing hardware prior to delivery can all be time consuming tasks. These are areas where we excel, take away the hassle and free up your time to ensure your network runs smoothly.

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