How it works

Using only UK Data Centers and encrypted compression you can be assured your data is safe in transit and storage



How a backup works:

  1. Install the backup software agent onto the servers/personal computers requiring protection
  2. Set the backup policy for each computer, choosing the file types, databases and folders that require backing up
  3. If the initial backup is too large then an external drive shall be shipped by courier
  4. Exchange can automatically backup in real-time or continual process
  5. Data being backed up will automatically be compressed and encrypted using 128-bit AES encryption levels
  6. Using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, data is then transferred over the internet to secure Data Centre facilities
  7. The data is then replicated to a second data centre facility to provide secure failover capabilities.


How a recovery works:

  1. Upon the need for data recovery, simply log onto your software application or Web based management tool
  2. Locate the multiple versions of the backed up data on your account and select the files/databases you require
  3. In encrypted form, the backed up data is sent back over the internet to your server
  4. Upon retrieval the data is unencrypted using specific encryption keys
  5. In instances of complete Server failover large amounts of data will be delivered by SafeData staff and assistance may be provided to rebuild data files.