What if we want to cancel the agreement?

We would advise against cancelling the agreement unless there was a failure of your business as the estimated cost savings are only available once an agreement is made. If this was to happen though, you will be expected to clear any capital owed on the hardware devices. The warranty, toner and parts aspect provide by Valusys would cease and a cancellation charge equal to one month’s payment would be required. Valusys would also reserve the right to collect any spare toner held at a customer’s premises that was provided under the terms of the agreement.

What if we print more or less than the estimated 36/60 month count?

There is a small chance of this happening, however utilising our bespoke management software we will be able to provide monthly, quarterly and yearly reviews to ensure you are not being over or undercharged for your MPS solution. The monthly/quarterly fee can easily be amended at set times in these extreme cases.

How do you deploy a MPS solution?

Initially we conduct and audit as part of our 4 step MPS process. Once approval is granted by the customer we will approach the installation quickly and with minimal disruption. Although networked printers are not an integral part of a) the network and b) the user pc experience. We recommend using a print server for each user to locate and install drivers however in most cases CD drivers and USB connectivity is acceptable and we estimate no more than 5 minutes per printer installation.

What about all our old printers and some that are still quite new?

In some cases we would offer a trade-in programme to remove and offer a current asset value of the devices. This is something that would be discussed on case by case situation.

We have a highly competitive contract for toner?

There are instances where this is true. However we ask that you check the yield life of each toner you buy. If it is low yield then you will only get around 2000 prints per toner. We will supply a minimum of 5000 yield print toners and in some cases 10,000 capacity toners which not only changes the impact on waste but improves the overall cost per copy outlook. Secondly, we only provide original manufacturer toner. There are compatibles and remanufactured toners available however it is our experience that these are not reliable enough to compare to original toners which are built to specifically work in the printers.

Do you provide an S.L.A. (Service Level Agreement)?

We do. Our standard agreement is 4 hours response and fix. In each contract we would provide upfront a stock of toner for immediate onsite replacement however where we receive notification of a complete device failure we would be onsite within 4 hours to fix/repair the unit or replace if an onsite solution is not available.

Our printers do not break and have been working fine for some years?

That does happen. We appreciate that certain ‘work horse’ machines can run for months and years on end, however they will require parts to be replaced as each component has a lifecycle yield which means when a print cycle is completed it has a specific number of cycles remaining before it fails. It is also worth noting that at desktop level the failed printers are not built to have parts replaced and usually they are thrown and replaced by a new unit which has cost implications as well as an impact on the environment.

How do you know when we need parts or toner?

We would label all the products we supply so one central point of contact is available, however we will also utilise expensive management software of which if FOC to our customers. This console enables communication with all networked print devices and produces detailed reports on toner level, print usage, power consumption and much more.

I have specific printing needs?

Whether it is letters, envelopes, legal documents, prescriptions or NHS patient name tags Samsung have a printer or solution that can cater for you needs. Even finishing solutions such as binding, stamping and stapling is catered for with specific finishing units that can be specified at the outset.

Why Samsung?

Samsung have been producing award winning printers and fax machines since the 1980’s. Samsung even OEM their print engines for many other printer manufacturers. They have addressed key environmental concerns and they are #1 in the world for Mono and Colour MFP’s (multi-function printers).

Isn’t it expensive in the long run?

No, even with a lease contract package which has its own benefits such as being Operational Expenditure you still end up paying less. In many cases the amount you used to pay in toner alone is more than a complete lease that includes the parts, call outs, toner and even printers. Plus, any unused print charges will be carried over and not lost.

I prefer to buy toner as and when it is required?

The cost savings are staggering with MPS and not at all hidden in some low value – long term lease package. Savings will be made plus you get the added protection of ensuring not one penny extra is spent for the length of the contract.

It seems too good to be true?

It may seem that way and to a point is true. Printer manufacturers know that many end users buy printers and toner and when empty opt for inferior remanufactured or compatible toner. To combat this they charge high prices for originals to cover lost revenue. Samsung do the opposite with MPS by repaying loyalty of a contract with reduced price consumables.

We don’t want to replace all our printers but we do want a good deal on toner?

When you sign up to a Managed Print Service Contract from Samsung and Valusys you get to benefit from a highly competitive cost per click (CPC) agreement. In order to qualify you need to utilise new Samsung devices. However, in many cases the printers actually end up costing nothing when you consider the savings you make on the reduced toner bills. Secondly, over a 36 month period there is a strong chance that some or all of your printers will fail requiring replacement. With MPS all these costs are completely removed.

How can you be sure of the total prints and print costs we pay?


On printers with a GUI (Graphic User Interface) we are able to print off a report which gives us an exact print count of the lifetime of the printer. We then work out the number of months the printer has been in use and calculate accordingly. Where this information is unavailable we do a walk through and using manufacturer settings can establish a device count which we cross reference at a later date to give an accurate output. On the toner and ink comparative analysis we look online for the most competitive prices and base our estimation of what we feel you pay on that. Of course it could be that you pay more. Using these methods we feel that the figures we provide are as accurate as can be.


We already use MPS?

Samsung are heavily approaching the market. They are offering competitive buyouts and trade-in schemes. There are promotions on credit for other equipment in the Samsung range such as screens, laptops, AV and more to assist where budgets are restricted. MPS has also been traditionally targeted at the higher level workgroup Copier/Printers and the lower ground level user printers have not been catered for until now.

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